The summer intensive is aimed at helping dedicated and serious dancers to grow intellectually, technically and spiritually in the art of Bharatanatyam. The students will experience 11 intense days waking up to dance and sleeping everyday to the sounds of the rhythm within themselves.

The intensive is structured in such a manner that the student interacts with senior gurus of varying perspectives and thought processes, creating an opportunity for the student to assimilate varying ideas and thought processes while constantly questioning the choices they make. The intensive aims at revisiting the basics of bharatanatyam movement through an anatomical eye of alignment and precision, while pushing the boundaries creatively and challenging the students physically and artistically. The students will learn to deal with fatigue and be able to use it to their advantage to push themselves further everyday to face the challenges of the artistic world. Our faculty includes Rama Vaidyanathan, Kiran Subramanyam, Shobana Balachandra, Praveen Kumar and Rukmini Vijayakumar who will be concentrating on Bharatanatyam technique in Nritta and Abhinaya. Our extended faculty includes many stalwarts who have made impressions in their respective fields. The subjects covered will be extensive and the students will leave with a deeper and more introspective knowledge on Building a Character, Rhythm, Choreography, Physicality of movement, Concept building, Stage, Lighting and Performance. Please see the Pdf for information on all the teachers at the intensive.

The workshop will be held at LshVa studios in Bangalore, India. A lovely space that houses two studios, a library and a terrace area. The students will have an opportunity to immerse themselves in learning for the 11 days, leaving with stimulated minds and invigorated bodies!

The Intensive is aimed at both beginner – intermediate – advanced students.


MALAVIKA SARUKKAI Intense, extraordinary and luminous are the qualities that distinguish Malavika Sarukkai‘s dancing. With her artistic mastery and technique she commands a presence on the world stage. She has contributed a significant and large body of work to the art field through her interdisciplinary approach. Her choreographic interpretations both solo and group highlight the incandescent beauty of the classical language and the energized articulation of a contemporary mind.

A film entitled ‘The Unseen Sequence’ directed by Sumantra Ghoshal has been made celebrating her distinctive intellectual and creative approach to dance.


Born into a family that encouraged cultural values, it only seemed natural that Kiran would be a fine artiste himself. Trained under eminent gurus, Smt.Padmini Ravi and the Dhananjayans, Kiran Subramanyam has made a mark in the field of Bharatanatyam.

Kiran Subramanyam is particularly appreciated for his dramatic and off beat choreographies and has been invited by several dance companies to participate in collaborative work. He has also taken up diverse commissioned projects in India and abroad and seen them to fruition. Kiran’s innate affinity to rhythm makes his work breathtaking, vibrant and dynamic. Needless to say, his choreographies are greatly applauded by connoisseurs and common audiences alike.


Dancing since the age of 7, Shobanaa started her teaching stint at her Alma mater Bharatha Kalanjali the dancing school of her Gurus – The Dhananjayans and was part of their troupe for many years, honing her stage skills

She started her own school in 1988 in Coimbatore


Trained under eminent gurus, (Late) Smt. Narmada and Prof.C.V.Chandrasekhar, Praveen Kumar is an accomplished Choreographer and Nattuvanar and has skillfully created many dances, which have all been critically acclaimed. He has travelled extensively around the globe and in India, taking part in prestigious dance and music festivals and runs the Chithkala School of Dance at Bangalore

Praveen Kumar – an empanelled artist of the Indian Council of Cultural Relation(ICCR) and a ‘A’ grade artist on television – believes that dance is the ultimate medium of creativity expression.


Rukmini Vijayakumar established Raadha Kalpa in 2009. She creates the training curriculum, teaches, choreographs and performs as a part of Raadha Kalpa dance Company.

Trained under imminent gurus, Narmada Rao and Sundari Santhanam, Rukmini has carved a niche for herself in the performing arts world. After her initial years of Ballet under Yana Lewis, she graduated with honors from the Boston Conservatory receiving a BFA degree in ballet and modern dance. Her training in Karanas under Sundari, in the tradition of Guru Padma Subrahmanyam, and her education in choreography at the conservatory, has given Rukmini a unique choreographic perspective that retains tradition while drawing from the ancient to create something that relates to the contemporary.

Rukmini is a certified power pilates instructor, and yoga practitioner. She has studied Anatomy and Physiology at BU, and courses of Fitness instruction at UCLA. Her extensive knowledge in Human anatomy and dance pedagogy is incorporated in her teaching curriculum at Raadha Kalpa.

The admissions for LaS Summer Intensive are now closed. Please check back next year.


  • Feb 6: Last date for application submission
  • Feb 15: Confirmation of selected students, Fee payment commences
  • Feb 28: Last date of payment of Tuition and Housing
  • Mar 5: Last date to subscribe to meal plan
  • Apr 15: Last date to withdraw and receive a refund
  • July 1: Arrive at LshVa
  • July 11: Last day of classes, informal showing tentatively scheduled in the afternoon, students are required to leave by the evening.



  • Upon acceptance to the LaS, students will be mailed a statement of charges along with an information packet.
  • All student accounts must be paid in full by Feb 28. Payments must be received By this date.





We strive to provide resources and amenities that will make the LaS experience enjoyable and safe, assisting each student and their unique situation to our best ability. The students have a housing and meal options. We have designed services to provide ease in the day-to-day festival experience. This allows students to focus on the most important thing… DANCING!  There will be two meal options provided – Organic Indian cuisine and Healthy Pasta, Salads and Juices. Upon confirmation the students will provided with detailed information on accommodation and meal options.

  • Accommodation will be provided within 1-2 km radius of our venue.
  • Air conditioned rooms on a twin sharing basis.
  • The rooms are allotted on a lottery system
  • The accommodation includes lodging and internet,
  • Any extra services must be borne by the participant.
  • All accommodation has a shared common area.
  • currently our accommodation is at Lotus Suites, Comfort Inn and Luxstay
  • Any phone calls or emails asking for a specific place will not be entertained.


  • The food options will include 3 well balanced meals and a snack
  • The meal plan is recommended and structured by a nutritionist


How late can I confirm?

The earlier the better. We are unable to guarantee a space if the fee is not paid. The spots are very limited and there will not be more than 25 students in the intensive

Will we get accommodation?

Yes you can choose to have accommodation with us. This option is available only to those who pay their fee and confirm accommodation before Jan 15th. We recommend it as all students will stay together. It will also be near the studio. Please refer to the Accommodation sheet for more details.

What do I need to bring? What is the dress code?

We will send you a full list of what you need to be aware of once you complete your registration.

Will we get the music for all the items learned?

Yes you will get the music for all the items learned (it is included in the intensive fee) and you will also know the nuances of each song. The teachers will ensure that you assimilate details of each piece that you learn.

I just finished my arangetram and don’t have too much performance experience, but I feel I am eligible for the Advanced intensive. May I attend?

Yes you may attend if the faculty approves. Please send your video and the teachers will decide based on your video and letter of intent if you are eligible.