A Space for Artists

“A place where artists an d connoisseurs, meet, ponder, train and experiment”

VISION: Create an exceptional community of artists whose cultural ripples influence and change the world of art.

The LshVa trust has been established to support and promote artists of excellence, identify young talent and offer direction to enhance their skills and realize their artistic goals.


  • creating opportunities for visual and performing artists through residencies, workshops and exchange programs.
  • supporting choreographers and other performing artists by offering space, monetary support and other aid to support their work.
  • identifying excellence and potential in the arts and offering avenues of sustenance and encouragement.
  • facilitating events that promote art and culture through new and novel outreach programs.

The Raadha Kalpa Dance Company is housed in LshVa Art Space. Together, they support and promote the activities of the LshVa Trust.

Some of the main programs run by the trust are given below.

Work in Progress

The Work in Progress (WIP) showcase is aimed at creating a supportive platform for directors and choreographers while creating a supportive artists’ community. The showcase also aims at involving the community to help better works of art through the eyes of an audience, and through the eyes of fellow performers and presenters. It facilitates the creation of a supportive art community that can learn about dance and performance art; View the process of choreographers; help artists gain perspective on their work.

Keep a look out for our next WIP showcase! Applications will be up soon.

Classical Dance Immersive Program (CDIP):

This program aims to help provide aid for education for dedicated, talented young dancers who are training full time.  CDIP started in February of 2017 with one student training in Indian Classical dance (Bharatanatyam). Through this program, with the support of Raadhakalpa Dance Company, LshVa trust is now providing free education in Bharatanatyam for 6 deserving students who are training to become professional dancers. Education and training in the supporting arts are also provided alongside mainstream Bharatanatyam classes. For enquiries about the program, email [email protected]

Performance series

The LshVa Performance series aims at creating a platform for artists and performers to showcase their work in a small intimate performance space. The series is structured is open to master performers, budding artists and beginners. 

Master Performance Series

The master performance series invites senior and established performers to interact with a small audience and share their work with the community, thus enabling a better understanding and reach of the arts.