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Lshva Collective Repertory project 1

This was the first experiment of the commissioned projects of LshVa. The work in progress showing was done in Aug 2014.

Choreographer: Keya Ann D’Souza

Short Choreography Project 1

This project is an experimentation in suspension and momentum. A short piece that works with fabric and the flow of movement.

Choreographer: Rukmini Vijayakumar

Short Choreography Project 2

Choreogapher : Rukmini Vijayakumar

Dancers: Rukmini Vijaykumar, Diya Naidu


LshVa Collective Repertory Project 3

Choreogapher : Denny Paul

This project was previewed on October 3rd 2015, with students of contemporary dance who attended the three month intensive with Denny Paul.


LshVa Artist in Residence (In progress)

Director : Deepika Arwind

LshVa is proud to support Deepika Arwind, an independent theatre­ practitioner who lives and works in Bangalore. She works in the capacities of a writer, actor and director. She is currently directing a work entitled A Brief History of Your Hair ([email protected]# ­title)*. It is a meditation on hair and the different ways in which this external marker of gender, and often beauty, reveals an internal world. The play tries to examine the way in which history, gender and politics are braided into hair. These ideas are extrapolated into a mythical world with odd, larger than life characters. This movement theatre work is being devised and performed by Anjali Nair, Harshika Amin, Nitant Nair and Swetanshu Bora. The team is expanding: there are growing collaborations with a sound ­designer, dramaturge and a performance designer as the play finds its bearings.

The play, under the banner of The Lost Post Initiative will premiere in Bangalore at the end of March. Until then, the team is also holding open rehearsals (fixed dates) and work ­in ­progress showings, inviting artists to see the work grow and perhaps also get involved in some way.

A Brief History of Your Hair is supported by the India Foundation for the Arts, Lshva Trust and the New Voices Arts Project.

(*A Brief History of Your Hair began in August as a 15 ­minute­ piece at the Gender Bender showcase produced by Sandbox Collective and Goethe Institute/Max Mueller Bhavan)

Satrangi – Space Collaborators for Serendipity Arts festival

LshVa is proud to partner with Serendipity arts Festival in providing the artists space to collaborate and create their work – ‘Satrangi’

The experimental dance project showcases six dancers from across the world – exponents of different techniques and styles – coming together to explore various vocabularies through a unique collaboration. This production has been conceptualised by Tanusree to promote sharing and appreciation across cultures, in the process lifting the invisible barriers across various styles.

The performers

Alesandra Seutin is a London-based choreographer, teacher and performer with African and European roots. She is also the artistic director of the Vocab Dance Company. Her movement-language is a hybrid of contemporary, African and urban dance styles; her choreography combines physical theatre, dance, innovative scenography, live music and text. Her work is political and speaks of social issues such as race, social inclusion and gender from a feminine perspective.

Billy Chang graduated from the prestigious Taipei National University of the Arts and has since been teaching, choreographing and performing. His contemporary choreography is rich both in traditional and modern styles.

Eugene Skeef is a South African percussionist, composer, poet and educationalist who has lived in London since 1980. He works in conflict resolution, acts as a consultant on cultural development and is a broadcaster. He has also been instrumental in developing the education programmes of some of the major classical orchestras in the UK, and has served on the board of directors of the London Philharmonic Orchestra.

UK-born Subhash Viman is a promising new talent who is influenced by hip-hop, urban and contemporary dance styles. He has trained in Bharatanatyam and Kathak under acclaimed teachers in the UK and India. Currently, Subhash is developing his new show with a range of artists exploring the effect bullying has on the physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing of the victim, using movement vocabulary from martial arts.

Rukmini Vijayakumar has trained in Bharatanatyam, as well as in classical ballet, jazz and modern dance in the US. Her performances at many venues in India and abroad include Bharatanatyam at Khajuraho and other festivals. She founded the Raadha Kalpa Dance Company in 2009, and has conducted workshops, choreographed productions, and organized dance arts festivals. She is the director of her Art Space LshVa, in Bangalore.

Bangalore-based Praveen Rao is a versatile multi-instrumentalist with an international reputation. He has composed over 200 scores for leading theatre productions, Indian ballet, films and television across the globe. As a music arranger, he is known for his creativity in fusing Hindustani music, Carnatic music with western techniques and has arranged background scores for various films under acclaimed veteran music directors.