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Workshop Series: Tala Analytics Module 1

February 15, 2020 @ 8:30 am February 16, 2020 @ 1:00 pm

LshVa Space supported by Raadhakalpa Dance Company is very happy to host ‘Tala Analytics Module 1’.
It will deal with the fundamentals of Tala, Nattuvangam, Jathis, and calculation. The workshop will happen over two day for around 3 hours on each day. Instructors for the workshop are renowned Nattuvangam Vidwan Shr. D V Prasanna Kumar and noted Barathanatyam exponent, Guru Kiran Subramanyam.
This workshop is the first of the two modules in our Tala Analytics Workshop Series, we will soon have the second module in March.


DAY 1 & DAY 2:
8:30 AM – 10:30 AM : Jathi and Calculation by Kiran sir
11 AM – 1:00 PM : Nattuvanagam by Prasanna sir

…the nattuvangam is not just the “konnakkol”- or the syllablised mridangam beats- but a continuum of rhythmic flow with subtle nuances of nadais, korvais and more…
-DV Prasanna Kumar

Workshop Content:

Kiran sir will address:
• creating & structuring jathis and korwes
• control analysis and utterance of syllables in a jathi
• influence of jathi over mood and emotion of a piece
• layering opposing rhythms over a swara
• knowing when to work with or against a jathi or swara
• utilisation of rhythm to choreographic advantage
Prasanna sir will address:
• articulating utterances and achieving clarity in chollu
• different types of chollu and how they can be varied, for what purpose
• achieving clarity in inner rhythm while varying what we say
• variations in using the cymbals
• script writing and composing
• exercises in practicing variations in gathi and jathi

Workshop Fee:


Eligibility criteria: To attend this workshop, you need to be a Bharatanatyam student practicing for atleast 5-6 yrs, or a music student who had learnt atleast one Varnam.

About the Instructors:

Guru Kiran Subramanyam’s creative intelligence, intense passion and steadfast commitment saw Kiran growing steadily in this line. Kiran’s performances have enthralled scores of audiences all over the world. And Kiran’s choreographic works have been extensively lauded for their creative excellence. 
Kiran is particularly appreciated for his dramatic and off beat choreographies and has been invited by several dance companies to participate in collaborative work. He has also taken up diverse commissioned projects in India and abroad and seen them to fruition. Kiran’s innate affinity to rhythm makes his work breathtaking, vibrant and dynamic. Needless to say, his choreographies are greatly applauded by connoisseurs and common audiences alike.

Vidwan Prasanna Kumar is renowned for his profound rhythm and melody of sound. Exceptional dexterity, a firm grasp of Laya, a resonant voice and a deep understanding of Music and Dance enables him to bring vivid life to nattuvangam. His multi-faceted prowess over a wide range of percussion instruments has only enriched his rendering, giving it a distinctive edge .
Prasanna’s unique blend of academics and practice is brought to the fore in his numerous lecture-demonstrations and seminars.
His passion for nattuvangam is such that he is working on codifying the art so as to convert it to text. “It must spread” he says, “It must be made available readily to any nattuvangam aspirant in a form that can
afford easy assimilation.” Says a prominent and accomplished dancer, “His nattuvangam carries an intonation, diction and force that is instantly inspiring…” To the vocalist it is solid support not just for the rhythm but for the overall musical value and the ambience created. To the mridangist, it is at once a challenge and enjoyment, more so because the nattuvangam is not just the “konnakkol”- or the syllablised mridangam beats- but a continuum of rhythmic flow with subtle nuances of nadais, korvais and more. To the student, the Guru in Prasanna comes across as a lucid and clear speaker with a teaching style that is instantly endearing.

Limited slots, register soon.

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