LshVa Art Space in collaboration with Raadha Kalpa Dance Company conducts annual Bharatanatyam Dance Intensives under “LaS”. The summer intensive conducted every year is aimed at helping dedicated and serious dancers to grow intellectually, technically and spiritually in the art of Bharatanatyam. The intensive challenges a dancer physically, artistically and intellectually.

Senior artists from all over the world are invited to be a part of the intensive to teach and train the students. The faculty also includes senior teachers from various other disciplines like theatre, contemporary dance, music etc.

The students are given admission into either of the two batches – Intermediate or Advanced. The intensive is planned and designed with utmost care to cater to the needs of every student present. The teachers too will be working interactively with the students. The aim is for the students to have a safe space to explore, learn, question, evolve and grow as dancers and artists.

The classes are planned and structured carefully to cater to the needs of all students given admission to the intensive. The students undergo a thorough physical training – starting everyday with a fitness class and moving on to technique classes with Guru Rukmini Vijayakumar and the guest faculty.

Intermediate Batch

For intermediate students, the classes are structured to teach and reinforce the basics. They will begin their day with a Yoga/Fitness session working on their alignment and strength. They move on to adavu/technique classes geared to work on their basic Nritta, posture and alignment while dancing. The basic alignment classes will prepare them to move on to the repertoire sessions with the teachers- where they apply their training from morning to the items in Bharatanatyam.

After the intense morning sessions, the students will learn Abhinaya Technique from Rukmini Vijayakumar. They will also have classes on Tala and Abhinaya Darpana, thereby covering all aspect of the dance form. The day will end with a common session with the Advanced batch where guest lecturers are invited to talk about and discuss various aspects of stage, sound, music and dance.

Advanced Batch

The intensive is structured as a deeper study of Bharatanatyam and movement for an advanced student. Their schedule is the same as the intermediate batch but the technique classes will work on sequences along with correction to alignment. They will have longer sessions on acting by a theatre artist. They will also in addition work on Movement Dynamics and the intention of movement with Rukmini Vijayakumar.

Students of both batches will be taught contemporary movement as an alternate training to break their movement patterns and reinforce their weaker areas.



Rukmini Vijayakumar established Raadha Kalpa in 2009. She creates the training curriculum, teaches, choreographs and performs as a part of Raadha Kalpa dance Company.

Trained under imminent gurus, Narmada Rao and Sundari Santhanam, Rukmini has carved a niche for herself in the performing arts world. After her initial years of Ballet under Yana Lewis, she graduated with honors from the Boston Conservatory receiving a BFA degree in ballet and modern dance. Her training in Karanas under Sundari, in the tradition of Guru Padma Subrahmanyam, and her education in choreography at the conservatory, has given Rukmini a unique choreographic perspective that retains tradition while drawing from the ancient to create something that relates to the contemporary.

Rukmini is a certified power pilates instructor, and yoga practitioner. She has studied Anatomy and Physiology at BU, and courses of Fitness instruction at UCLA. Her extensive knowledge in Human anatomy and dance pedagogy is incorporated in her teaching curriculum at Raadha Kalpa.


Sheela Unnikrishnan is a renowned exponent of Bharatanatyam, one of the seven classical dance styles of India. She Combines tradition with innovation, classicism with creativity and the ethic with contemporary. She is extremely innovative, original, creative and a thoughtful Teacher. She has a special quality in shaping the subtle and psychological framework of a child as well.

Sheela Unnikrishnan was trained in Melathur style of Bharathanatyam under Late Guru Sri M. Sundaram (a prime Disciple of Masestro Mangudi Sri Dorairaja Iyer) and she has been able to imprint his legacy with her own dance persona.


Praveen hails from a family of artists . He honed his skills under Guru Smt.Narmada and continues to learn from Prof. C.V. Chandrasekhar. A Recipient of “Ustad Bismilla Khan Yuva Purskar 2010” from Central Sangeet Natak Academy, New Delhi. Recognizing his innate talent, the Indian Council for Cultural Relations (ICCR) has empanelled Praveen in its list of performing artists of classical dance for the Indian cultural missions and festivals abroad. He is an “A” grade artist of Doordarshan. He was honoured with the “Mohan Khokar Award 2010” as a complete artist. He is the first recipient of this award.




Follow the steps below:

  • Click on the “Register” tab to register for the intensive.
  • Fill in the registration form.
  • If you are sending us a video instead of providing the link in the registration form, the registration will not be considered as complete unless we receive the video.
  • Once we receive your complete form (with the video), we will take anywhere from 2-4 days before we send you a letter. It might take longer in case we keep the candidate in the wait-list.
  • Upon your acceptance, you will be sent the schedule and the fee details, along with a form to be filled. (Please note, the schedule is tentative and might be subject to change based on teachers’ availability)

Though we do provide accommodation if required, it is not necessary that students stay with us for the intensive. Local students can travel and attend the classes everyday. Also, the students have the facility to opt for the meal-plan which is provided to all residential students by default.


  • Last Date for the Submission of Application – January 15th 2018
  • Last Date for the Submission of filled-in form – January 31st 2018
  • Last Date for the payment of dues – February 28th 2018
  • Last Date to subscribe for the meal plan – March 15th 2018
  • Last Date to withdraw and receive a refund – March 31st 2018
  • Check-in at the stay – 30th June 2018
  • Orientation Program at LshVa – 30th June 2018
  • Last Day at LshVa – 11th July 2018
  • Check-out from the stay – 12th July 2018


  • Upon acceptance to the LaS, students will be mailed a statement of charges along with an information packet.
  • The payment has to be done by cash/cheque payment or transferred online. The account details will be sent to you upon your submission of the form.
  • All student accounts must be paid in full by Feb 28th 2018 . Payments must be received By this date.

For any queries, drop a mail to [email protected] or call us on +91 9845407574.

The intensive is for an experienced student of Bharatanatyam. This intensive will not be suitable for complete beginners to the dance form. Please list out your experience in Bharatanatyam in detail.

Audition Video

If you do not have an uploaded link to your video, please mail the video to [email protected] along with your details (for us to identify the video).

Subject: ‘Your Name’ – LaS Summer Intensive Audition Video

Video Rules

  • The video has to be of Bharatanatyam only.
  • The lighting should b e proper and we should be able to clearly see the dancer and their movements.
  • Please send a solo video only! Do not send a group dance video or a fusion video.
  • The video format has to be readable (mp4, avi etc.).
  • Links to google drive are NOT acceptable.



We strive to provide resources and amenities that will make the LaS experience enjoyable and safe, assisting each student and their unique situation to our best ability. The students have housing and meal options. We have designed services to provide ease in the day-to-day festival experience. This allows students to focus on the most important thing… DANCING! We provide all three meals in a day plus a snack. The cuisine will be Organic Indian cuisine. Upon confirmation the students will be provided with detailed information on accommodation and meal options.

  • Accommodation will be provided within 1-2 km radius of our venue.
  • Air conditioned rooms on a twin sharing basis.
  • The rooms are allotted on a lottery system
  • The accommodation includes lodging and internet,
  • Any extra services must be borne by the participant.
  • All accommodation has a shared common area.
  • Currently your accommodation is at Trustedstay, Koramangala
  • Any phone calls or emails asking for a specific place will not be entertained.

LaS - Summer Intensive Registration 2018

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