Lshva Art space in collaboration with Raadha Kalpa Dance Company hosts the “Las Intensive“, a dance intensive for Bharatanatyam dancers. The annual summer intensive is aimed at helping dedicated and serious dancers to grow intellectually, technically and spiritually in the art of Bharatanatyam. The training program challenges dancers physically, artistically and intellectually.

Senior teachers in the Bharatanatyam field are invited as faculty to teach and train the students. The faculty also includes experts in various other disciplines like theatre, contemporary dance, rhythm, music, etc. The intensive is planned and designed with utmost care to cater to the needs of every student present. The aim is for the students to have a safe place to explore, learn, question, evolve and grow as dancers and artists.

The intensive is for those students who want to expand their knowledge base and understand the perspectives of various teachers and different training methods. The students are accepted into either of the two batches – Intermediate or Advanced, based on the audition video in the application. The Advanced students will benefit from revisiting the basics with renewed vigour, while finding the tools to grow and experiment and re-evaluate their ideas of dance. The Intermediate students will be reinforced with physical and aesthetic technique while deepening their understanding of theory and the philosophy of the Bharatanatyam tradition.

Second Round Registrations (By Feb 20th 2020):

  • Last Date for the Submission of Second round Application – Feb 20th 2020
  • Acceptances will be mailed by- Feb 25th 2020
  • Last Date for the payment of intensive fee – Mar 15th 2020
  • Last Date to subscribe and pay for the meal plan and accommodation- Mar 20th 2020

Early Bird Registration (by November 15th 2019):

  • Last Date for the Submission of Early Bird Application – Nov 15th 2019
  • Acceptances will be mailed by Nov 30th 2019
  • Last Date for the payment of intensive fee -Dec 20th 2019
  • Last Date to subscribe and pay for the meal plan and accommodation- March 20th 2020

Intensive Dates:

May 27th – June 3rd 2020

Accommodation will be given starting 26th night. If there are any changes, we will email you once you have accepted and paid.

Intermediate students

For intermediate students, the classes are structured to teach and reinforce the basics. They will begin their day with a Yoga/Fitness session working on their alignment and strength. They move on to adavu/technique classes geared to work on their basic Nritta, posture and alignment while dancing. The basic alignment classes will prepare them to move on to the repertoire sessions with the teachers- where they apply their training from morning to the items in Bharatanatyam.

From 27th to 31st May, after intense morning sessions, the students will learn Adavus & Technique, followed by repertoire and Abhinaya classes by Sheela Unnikrishnan and Rukmini Vijayakumar. They will also have classes on Tala by Ramya Janakiraman.
From 1st-3rd June, the students will learn Abhinaya and intention from Rama Vaidyanathan, followed by lectures on lighting, tala Natyashastra and set design, thereby covering all aspects of the dance form. The days will end with performances by the gurus or their students.

Advanced Batch

The intensive is structured as a deeper study of Bharatanatyam and movement for an advanced student. Their schedule is the same as the intermediate batch but the technique classes will work on sequences along with correction to alignment. They will have longer sessions on tala by Guru Kiran Subramanyam. They will also in addition work on Movement Dynamics and the intention of movement with Rukmini Vijayakumar.

Students of both batches will be taught contemporary movement as an alternate training to break their movement patterns and reinforce their weaker areas.

Follow the steps below

  • Click on the “Apply Here” tab and fill in the application form. (Please note that the intensive is for an experienced student of Bharatanatyam. This intensive will not be suitable for complete beginners to the dance form, so please list out your experience in Bharatanatyam in detail.)
  • Please attach a video link with your application. We will not consider any applications without a video.
    • Audition Video – Please upload your video to a youtube account (you can upload it as unlisted if you do not want it public) or as a google drive link.
    • Video Rules
      • The video has to be of Bharatanatyam only. The video should include a clear nritta portion and a clear abhinaya portion
      • The lighting should be proper and we should be able to clearly see the dancer and their movements.
      • Please send a solo video only! Do not send a group dance video or a fusion video.
      • The video format has to be readable (mp4, avi etc.).
      • Video does not have to be of a proper performance. You can send in practice video also.
  • Once we receive your complete form (with the video), you will get an email acknowledgement. If you do not receive an acknowledgement in any of your email folders, please mail us at [email protected] to check if your application came through.
  • After submitting your application, we will get back to you regarding your acceptance by 25th Feb 2020.
  • Upon your acceptance, you will be receive an acceptance e-mail with the schedule and the fee details, along with a form to be filled. (Please note, the schedule is tentative and might be subject to change based on teachers’ availability)

Though we do provide accommodation if required, it is not necessary that students stay with us for the intensive. Local students can travel and attend the classes everyday. Also, the students have the facility to opt for the meal-plan.

  • Intensive Fee
    Early Bird Registration (Before Nov 15th 2019): INR 30,000/-
    Second round Registration (Before Feb 20th 2020): INR 35,000/-
    (Excluding accommodation & Meals)
  • Accommodation charges (approx.): INR 20,000/-
  • Meal charges (approx.): INR 15,000/-
  • Upon acceptance to the LaS Intensive, students will be mailed a detailed statement of charges along with an information packet.
  • The payment has to be transferred online. The account details will be sent to you upon your submission of the form.
  • After you have paid, please send an email to [email protected] with a screenshot of the transaction as well as the account name that the transfer has been made in. This will help us confirm your payment and spot in the intensive.
  • Cash/cheque payments can only be given if you are able to bring it before the final payment date.
  • All student accounts for early bird admissions must be received in full by Dec 20th 2019.
  • All student accounts for second round admissions must be received in full by Mar 15th 2020.
  • Please note that no refunds will be issued under any circumstance. (If you are unable to attend due to an extenuating situation , you may transfer your seat to another dancer, of your choosing, provided he/she fills in the necessary admission form and pays you directly)

For any queries, drop an  email to [email protected]  ( please read our FAQs on the website. This should answer most of your questions.)

We strive to provide resources and amenities that will make the LaS experience enjoyable and safe, assisting each student and their unique situation to our best ability. The students have housing and meal options. We have designed services to provide ease in the day-to-day intensive experience. This allows students to focus on the most important thing… DANCING! We provide all three meals in a day plus a snack. Upon confirmation the students will be provided with detailed information on accommodation and meal options.

  • Accommodation will be provided within 1-2 km radius of our venue.
  • Air conditioned rooms on a double sharing basis.
  • The rooms are allotted on a lottery system
  • The accommodation includes lodging and internet,
  • Any extra services must be borne by the participant.
  • All accommodation has a shared common area.
  • Exact location and more details will be provided after your acceptance into the programme.
  • Any phone calls or emails asking for a specific place will not be entertained.


  • Nutritious and well-balanced meals will be provided by us during the period of the intensive. This includes breakfast, lunch, dinner and a snack.
  • Please email [email protected] for any enquiries after checking our FAQ section.
  • What is the payment structure?
    • Please drop an email to [email protected] with your full name and where you are from AFTER you have sent your application, and we will send you the fee structure.
  • When is the intensive happening?
    • May 27th – June 3rd, 2020
  • Where is the studio?
    • The studio is located in Koramangala in Bangalore. Here is the address: 633, 4th Cross Rd, 3rd Block Koramangala, Bengaluru, Karnataka, 560034
  • How long is the intensive each day?
    • Both batches have classes running simultaneously through out the day. Classes may start as early at 6 am, and will end past 8 PM. Slight differences in timings may vary, but you will be busy the whole day. Appropriate breaks are given in between. A tentative schedule will be sent to all participants once you are accepted.
  • What to wear?
    • Generally, kurta and legging are good for most bharatanatyam classes. Any thing comfortable can be worn for yoga/pilates/strength classes. Practice sarees may be needed based on faculty. An email with any specific dress codes will be sent closer to the intensive.
  • I have applied but have no received my acceptance yet?
    • If you have not received an email stating that we have received your application, please emails us at [email protected] and let us know. We will check. Please give the team time to go through applications and emails and respond back to you. Acceptances will be sent in batches.
  • Any other questions? email at [email protected]



1. I understand that there are no refunds made available once the fee is paid under any circumstances whatsoever, whether it is the intensive fee, or the meal charges and/or accommodation charges. In the event that I am unable to attend the workshop, I may be allowed to transfer my admission to another eligible dancer (who must satisfy the criteria and fill in the application form), only after a valid reason is provided (health/family emergency). Classes are non refundable. If you are unable to make it to class, or change your mind we cannot issue you with a refund.

2. Indicated here are any health problems or conditions of which the studio should be aware (such as heart, back, medical, allergy, muscular, pregnancy, diabetes, epilepsy, chemical or neurological condition, special medication, knee/kidney/shoulder problems, etc.). I understand that I am responsible for any medical expenses and that the absence of health insurance does not make LshVa responsible for payment of medical expenses.

3. I certify that I am in proper physical condition to participate in the exercise/dance program and that I have been examined by a licensed physician and found to be in proper physical condition to participate in said program. I understand that the risk of injury is inherent in any physical activity and I knowingly and voluntarily accept that risk. With this knowledge, I release LshVa of any liability for unforeseen accident or injury that may occur while attending the intensive.

4. Any photographs or videos taken at the LaS summer intensive may be used for the purpose of promotions from time to time.

5. Appropriate Physical Contact Policy: Teaching dance is a physical activity and appropriate physical contact between students and teachers in class in essential to training. LshVa recognizes that such physical contact is a potentially complex area; and the company also fully recognises its responsibilities for safeguarding students and teachers and for protecting their welfare. The following principles and procedures are in place to fulfil the company’s obligations:
a. Contact by the teacher is made with particular awareness of the needs of each individual to assist the dancer in correcting placement.
b. All teachers will treat any physical contact with due sensitivity and care, and with due regard for the wishes of the student.
c. Contact will not involve force.

6. Students are expected to arrive on time. Dance is a physical activity that requires the body to be warmed up in order to execute movement safely. Late students miss the proper warm-up and therefore may sustain injury. Students who arrive more than 10 minutes late may be asked to observe class for reasons of health and safety.

7. We do not accept any responsibility for loss or damage to personal property.

8. We do not accept responsibility for any loss or expense due to circumstances beyond our control including, transport, fire, weather and other such actions.

Please note that by applying for the Intensive, you are declaring that you agree to all of the above terms & conditions.

LaS Intensive India 2020 - Application

  • Please mention all your teachers
  • **IMPORTANT** We will not be able to consider your application without your video. Must adhere to instructions as per the 'video rules' above in the 'How to apply' tab.
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.