LshVa Trust

“Lend a hArt”

The LshVa Trust has been established in 2014 to support and promote artists of excellence, identify young talent and offer direction to enhance their skills and realise their artistic goals. The methods will vary depending on the identified artist and the proposed project.

We are constantly looking for funding to support the growth of our activities, and any contribution is greatly appreciated.

“Lend a hand to Art.”


Create opportunities and facilitate the growth of art through various programs; identifying and supporting individuals in need of aid to further their artistic goals.

General Activities

– Creating opportunities for Visual and performing artists through residencies, workshops and exchange programs.

– Supporting choreographers and other performing artists by offering space, monetary support and other aid to develop their work.

– Continuously identifying excellence and potential in the arts and offering avenues of sustenance and encouragement.

– Facilitating events that promote art and culture through new and novel outreach programs.