The LshVa Performance series aims at creating a platform for artists and performers to showcase their work in a small intimate performance space. The series is structured is open to master performers, budding artists and Beginners.

The performance series is followed by an interactive session of 30 mins where the artists speak of their inspirations and interact with the audience.

We welcome artists from all genres of performing arts. i.e. classical dancers, contemporary dancers, musicians, theatre artists, actors, story tellers etc.

As a part of the performance series Lshva hosts the following

Master Performance Series

The master performance series invites senior and established performers to interact with a small audience and share their work with the community, thus enabling a better understanding and reach of the arts.

The series is ticketed and is a way for the budding artists and art enthusiasts to learn, grow and indulge in art.

Community Performance Series

The Community performance series is aimed at providing space to budding artists and performers a space to stage their work.

The rental charges for the space is based on the work being staged.

Dance Evenings

Series of Dance performances with duration of 15 mins each. These dance evenings will be hosted once every 3 months. The evening will include a discussion welcoming the dancers to share their passion for dance, the meaning of art in society etc. The discussion is aimed at community education and to promote a networking amongst dancers and performers.

The event is free and open to all.


The performance is held at LshVa studios, Koramangala.

There is lighting and sound available at the studio.

The performer must stay for the interactive session subsequently.

For further details and clarifications write to [email protected] (or) contact +919945102121

To be considered for our performance series please fill in the form below.

Lshva Performance series application

  • This can be a video of you in rehearsals or in performance. A minimum of 5 minutes.
  • please include musicians, photographers, videographers, film, costume etc
  • Please include any props used, details of light etc

LshVa WIP Showcase

LshVa holds frequent work in progress sharings in one of the various spaces for either Works in progress or Completed works

These showings are held once in three months at LshVa Studios. Please mail in details of your work, by filling in the form below to be included in the next showing.

The purpose of this series will be to create an active community of artists that support and foster the growth of one another by constructive critique, genuine feedback and support through the sharing of ideas, in a safe and non-judgemental environment.

The discussion following each artists’ presentation will help the presenter to question and reinforce ideas of their process, choreography, research and performance. The dialogue between performers, audience of varied backgrounds, and mentors will aid and encourage, and sometimes unsettle the artist, in the effort to inspire growth and finer works.

Choreographers & Artists’ commissions

The LshVa Trust supports young choreographers and artists in various capacities on a rolling basis, by offering rehearsal space. Please mail us with your full project proposal, timeline, dates and hours of rehearsal and studio time that you need. We offer space based on availability and funds.