Movement Systems Intensive

A course on the technique of Improvisation

Led by

Oliviar Besson

Dec 14th ’15- Dec 23rd ’15

At LshVa Studios



Rs. 5,000/- (Full Workshop)

Rs. 700/- (Single Day)

Olivier Besson is an improvisational movement artist who hails from France and is based in Boston. In the 1980′s, he began his studies of Contact Improvisation with Robin Feld, Nancy Stark Smith, Lisa Nelson and Andrew Harwood. In the 1990′s, he turned his attention to the study of Improvisation/Real Time Composition with Julyen Hamilton and subsequently started developing his own methodology in the field of movement improvisation. During that time, he also studied and performed Bugaku (court dance from Japan) with Arawana Hayashi. Other training includes Butoh with Maureen Fleming and Action Theater with Ruth Zaporah and Sarah Hickler.

Performance Most notably, Olivier’s work has been presented internationally at the National Institute of the Arts (Taipei, Taiwan), Die Pratze (Tokyo, Japan), the Art of Movement Festival (Yaroslav, Russia), Canaldanse (Paris, France), and in the USA at Dance Theatre Workshop (New York City), Walker Art Centre (Minneapolis), The Florida Dance Festival, Dance Place (Washington DC), The Boston Conservatory and Boston University. He has collaborated with many individuals, including Chris Aiken, Jane Shockley, Cathy Young, Lisa Schmidt, Debra Bluth, Ming-Shen Ku, Pamela Newell, Toshiko Oiwa, Liz Roncka, Chandra Cantor and musicians/composers Mike Vargas, Peter Jones and Sharan Leventhal.

Teaching Olivier is currently on faculty at The Boston Conservatory and has been on faculty at Canal Danse (Paris), the French National Circus School (CNAC), Bates Dance Festival, Emerson College and the School of Fine Arts at Boston University.

Improvisation Workshop

Improvisation: Improvisation is a research oriented approach to discovering one’s movement potential through improvisation. We delve into the areas of composition and technique, which underly the relationship between the creative self and the body/mind.

The technical work centers on kinesthetics rather than aesthetics. We study how the body/mind connection works and how to direct the body to give and receive. We use perceptions to rediscover how we move and are moved. In the composition portion we work with the subjects of space, time and music in various number configurations: solo, duet and group. The aim is to develop a clarity of intention in the act of improvising. We look at what is made, both by ourselves and others, as a reference and starting point for analysis.

Contact Improvisation: Contact Improvisation (CI) in its traditional format is a class with a lead warmup, specific C.I. skills and ample dancing to integrate the technique within its improvisatory context. CI started as a means to explore the physical forces imposed on the body by gravity and by the physics of momentum. The inherent aspect of improvisation highlights the constantly evolving nature of the form. Areas of exploration include strengthening the body’s relationship to ground, releasing excess muscular tension, developing an internal sense of movement, following points of contact, expanding spatial awareness and integrating leading and following skills in partnering.

Contact Skills: Contact Skills focuses solely on the physical principles of CI. This class can be helpful for dancers who want to increase their understanding of the mechanics required to lift and be lifted, without focusing on the culture of CI. The course is for dancers who want to focus on the technical aspect of Contact Improvisation (CI) and be more effective with the mechanics of lift and flight, among other things. CI skills can also be beneficial as tool for choreographic research. In this class, we will work with sensations and images to establish patterns of movement through direct action (roll, slide, spiral, rise, fall, counterbalance, support, lift, loft, perch and catch).

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The Work in Progress Showcase is supported by,


centre for art and somatic practices

The showcase is aimed at creating a supportive platform for directors and choreographers while creating a supportive artists’ community. The showcase will also aim at involving the community to help better works of art through the eyes of an audience, and through the eyes of fellow performers and presenters.

Come be a part of a supportive art community Learn about dance and performance art View the process of choreographers Help artists gain perspective on their work Be a part of their art Discuss, talk, critique, engage, inspire, And be inspired!!

Dec 20th

11 am

LshVa Studio, Koramangala


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The LshVa Festival

The Lshva trust was established to promote the performing and visual arts, through education, collaboration, research and performance. LshVa is trying to find innovative ways of trying to make the concert arts accessible to the community. We are trying to build understanding, empathy, engagement and love for the arts through lectures, interactive sessions, workshops and performances. LshVa’s first festival in November 2015 spans three weekends. The festival is an attempt to create platforms for emerging choreographers and performers who are finding an original voice in their respective genres of performance.

October 30th to November 14th 2015

The festival will begin in the Lshva space on the 30th of October. The first two weekends will present Mantap Prabhakar, Sarita Mishra, Preethi Bharadwaj and Shreeya Krishnapuria from Bangalore. We will also have a commedia performance by Deepal Doshi from mumbai. The last weekend, will have artists from all over the country who will present their original work at JSS auditorium. The festival will end with a panel discussion on choreography, and finding a new voice in the traditional and contemporary context of Indian performing arts.


LSHVA SPACE, Koramangala

Oct 30th

6:30 pm: Mantap Prabhakar (Yakshagana, ‘Moha Menake’)

Oct 31st

6:30 pm : Sarita Mishra (Odissi)

7:30 pm : Preethi Bharadwaj (Bharatanatyam)

Nov 7th

6:00 pm : Chit Chat Chai (Finding your voice)

7:00 pm : Movie screening

Nov 8th

6:30 pm : Shreeya Kishanapuria

7:00 pm : Sandbox Collective , ‘A Tale of two treatises’



Nov 14th

4:00 pm: Diya Naidu (Red Dress Wali Ladki)

5:30 pm: Open discussion (Choreographic inspirations, Finding your voice)

6:30 pm: Medha Hari (Sita)

7:00 pm: Avijit Das (Kuchipudi)

7:30 pm: Anuj Mishra (Kathak)



LshVa November festival final

“Lend a heArt”

The LshVa Trust has been established in 2014 to support and promote artists of excellence, identify young talent and offer direction to enhance their skills and realise their artistic goals. We are constantly looking for funding to support the growth of our activities, and any contribution is greatly appreciated.